The first twelve temari I worked were taken mainly from 'Temari: How to make Japanese Thread Balls' by Diana Vandervoort (ISBN: 0-87040-881-X) and I have used her titles for those balls. I added some designs from which looked interesting, and while I was working them I bought some beginner's books from Japan and I replaced one of Diana Vandervoort's designs with a similar one from Yashashii Temari (Cosmo 1) by Chiyoko Ozaki (ISBN: 4-8377-0279-1).

After the first twelve I worked three designs that had intrigued me. The first, a variation of 'Shibaraku', was taken from Atarashii Temari (Cosmo 3) by Chiyoko Ozaki (ISBN: 4-8377-0281-3) where it appears in the background of an illustration but no instructions are given. The second was taken from a photograph on the internet (a Flickr account - temari_grace). And the third was taken from Hana Temari Nyumon by Yoko Takahara (ISBN: 4-8377-0395-2).