This tartan was designed by David Weiser and registered with CIPO by Rotex in Aprll 1965, but a similar tartan (STA No. 2032) is said to have been designed by Elsie Gillespie. Until the creation in 2000 of the Provincial tartan it was regarded as the Ontario tartan.

The design of the tartan was inspired by the Provincial Coat of Arms.

The yellow represents the three maple leaves which appear on the green background of the coat of arms and
the red from the Cross of St. George on the upper part.
The black represents the bear which appears at the top of the shield.
The brown is the colour-combination created by the moose on the left and the deer on the right of the shield.


** If you intend to weave or otherwise use any of these patterns, please be aware that you may need the written permission of the designer or producer. This information can be found in the Scottish Register of Tartans.

G/32 K2 DR6 K2 DT32 G6 DT6 G6 DT32 G6 Y6 G32 DT6 G6 DT/6 (CIDD: 026-08-27591)
DG/36 K4 DR8 K4 DT32 DG6 DT6 DG6 DT32 DG6 GO8 DG36 DT6 DG6 DT/6 (STA No. 3140)
DG/42 K2 R8 K2 T42 DG6 T6 DG6 T42 DG6 GO8 DG42 T6 DG6 T/6 (STA No. 2032)
DG/48 K2 R10 K2 T40 DG8 T8 DG8 T42 DG8 GO10 DG48 T8 DG8 /T8 (District Tartans, Tartans)