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*** Tartans of Canada is in the process of being put on line. New tartans since 2010 are still to be added. I hope to have the whole collection up to date and on line by the end of 2011. ***

This aims to be a complete and up to date compendium of all Canadian tartans; geographical, commemorative, personal, corporate and fashion tartans. It is the result of several years of detailed research which continues still as new tartans are created or old ones recovered. If you know of a Canadian tartan that is not listed here, please let me know. Also, please don't hesitate to contact me if you spot errors, however trivial.


The main source of information is the International Tartans Index (ITI) maintained by the Scottish Tartans Authority (STA). This resource, which has been grown since the 1960s, contains over 4000 tartan designs and continues to be updated and refined. Until 2009, new tartans were registered with the STA, but since the Tartan Act of 2009 the registration of new tartans has been the role of the Keeper of the Tartans, who maintains the Scottish Register of Tartans (SRT). This is my main source of information for all tartans post-2009.

Some Canadian tartans have been registered with what is now the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, and the designs are maintained in the Canadian Industrial Designs Database (CIDD). This resource has provided new information regarding some of the Canadian tartans recorded in the ITI, as well as providing details of tartans not found in the ITI. Any new information I obtained I passed on to the STA, who have now incorporated it into the ITI where appropriate.

Where possible, I have consulted the towns, cities, municipalities, corporations, families, etc… to check the information from my sources, and in some cases I have obtained further information by consulting with individual designers, weaving guilds, pipe and drum bands, etc…

These are the main texts I consulted:

District Tartans by Gordon Teall of Teallach and Philip D. Smith Jr (London, 1992)
The Compendium of District Tartans by Matthew Newsome and James Bullman (Scotdisc, 2004)
Tartans: Vols I - III by William H Johnston and Philip D. Smith Jr.
World Tartans by Iain Zaczek (New York, 2001)
The Setts of the Scottish Tartans by Douglas Stewart (1950)
Tartan: The Highland Textile by James Scarlett (1990)
The Tartan Weaver's Guide by James Scarlett (1985)


** If you intend to weave or otherwise use any of these patterns, please be aware that you may need the permission, usually written, of the designer or producer. This information can be found either in the SRT or the ITI.

The setts or threadcounts for the tartans are given in one of two forms. Modern convention has symmetric patterns shown as half setts with full pivots. The two pivot colours, at the beginning and end of the sett, are shown with bold characters and have a slash separating the colour from the count, as in:

   B/6 G32 Y2 R2 W2 R12 G6 R2 G6 W/2

The full pattern would thus be

   B6 G32 Y2 R2 W2 R12 G6 R2 G6 W2 G6 R2 G6 R12 W2 R2 Y2 G32

And would repeat from B6 again.

Asymmetric patterns are shown as full setts and end with an ellipsis (…).

A very few tartans have different colour sequences in the warp and the weft. This is indicated by a bold capital 'X' separating the warp threadcount, which is always first, from the weft threadcount. (I have also occasionally used a lower case unboldened 'x' to indicate that a particular sequence is repeated within a pattern: it should be clear which is which.)

Unless otherwise indicated in the text, where more than one sett is given for a tartan, the first in the list is the one shown.


The vast majority of traditional Highland tartans are created from just 6 colours: red, green, blue, black, white and yellow. This cannot be said of Canadian tartans which employ a much larger palette. The colour codes used are listed below.

A Azure DY Dark Yellow MY Mid Yellow
AB Anderson Blue E Earth N Gray
AM Amber FB Faded Blue NB Navy Blue
B Blue FG Faded Green NW Near White
BB Old Blue FRB French Blue O Orange
BE Beige G Green OB Oxford Blue
BG Blue Green GO Gold OG Olive Green
BL Balmoral Blue HG Heather Green OT Olive Brown
BN Blue Gray HT Heather Brown P Purple
C Crimson HtG Hunting Green PH Purple Heather
CaT Camel Brown K Black Pk Pink
CB Carolina Blue LA Light Azure R Red
CH Charcoal LB Light Blue RB Royal Blue
Cr Carmine LDR Lindsey Red Rt Rust
CRL Coral LG Light Green S Scarlet
CT Chocolate Brown LmG Lime Green SB Sky Blue
CW Clear White LN Light Gray SR Sienna Red
DB Dark Blue LNB Light Navy Blue ST Shale Brown
DBG Dark Blue Green LO Light Orange SW Soft White
DCr Dark Carmine LP Light Purple T Brown
DFB Dark Faded Blue LPk Light Pink TK Khaki Brown
DG Dark Green LR Light Red Tl Teal
DN Dark Gray LRB Light Royal Blue Tq Turquoise
DO Dark Orange LRt Light Rust U Umber
DOG Dark Olive Green LSB Light Sky Blue V Violet
DP Dark Purple LT Light Brown VDB Very Dark Blue
DPk Dark Pink LU Light Umber W White
DR Dark Red LV Light Violet WG Weathered Green
DSB Dark Sky Blue Lv Lavender WR Wine Red
DT Dark Brown LY Light Yellow WW Wilson's White
DTl Dark Teal M Maroon Y Yellow
DW Dark White MB Mid Blue YT Yellow Brown
DWR Dark Wine Red MG Mid Green


5th Royal Scots of Canada Granvert Roddy 'Rowdy' Piper
78th Fraser Highlanders Gray, (Sir) John Hamilton Roderick Dhu
Abergaveny Greater Victoria Police Pipe Band Rothesay
Adamson Green Highland Rowardennan
Agincourt Grenauld Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Alberta Grotto Dove Royal Ashburn Golf Club
Alberta Dress Guelph Royal Canadian Air Force
Allan Haliburton Highlands Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Alma Mater Society of Queen's University Harmer Royal Columbian
Ancient Atlantic Hebrides Royal Delight
Anderson Blue Hebron Russell of Rexdale
Anderson Green Henry, W A Saltcoats
Andover Hickley Saskatchewan
Annand Highlands of Durham Highland Games Saskatchewan Dress
Antigonish Hudson's Bay Company Savoy
Arbutus Hudson's Bay Company - Bonnie Prince Charlie Seaside
Arctic Humming Bird Selkirk No. 1
Ardmore Inverary Selkirk No. 2
Arran No. 1 Inverness County Sens
Arran No. 2 Investor's Group Serenade
Atikokan Iona Setting Sun
Atlantic Police Academy Island of Innis Shanahan
Atlin Island Weavers Shieldhall
Baker Johnson, John Mercer Silver
Banff Centennial Kelvingrove Smithers
Barbecue Plaid Kennedy Snowbird
Barrie Kerry Sons of Scotland
Beaufort Kervegant Southwick
Beaverbrook Kervegant Dress Spencer
Bennet Killin Spring Morning
Bennet Dress Kincardine St Joseph de Sorel
Benteau na Mara Kozmyk St Lawrence No. 1
Berwick Labrador St Lawrence No. 2
Bird of Paradise Lachine St. Andrew's Quebec City
Black Forest Lachine Historic St. Francis Xavier University
Black Onyx Lagrande Star Is Born, A
Black Watch No. 1 Lake Ainslie Ste Anne de Portneuf
Black Watch No. 2 Lamont Dress Stevens No. 20
Blais Lanark Highlands Stevens No. 28
Blaylock Lanoir Stevens No. 80
Blue Boy Lantern Stevens No. 87
Blue Dunnett Laporte Stevens No. 96
Blue Meadow Laronde Stewart Campbell
Blue Spruce Laurentian University Stewart No .2
Booth Laval Stewart No. 1
Boucherville Laval Gala Stewart No. 3
Boucherville Dress Le Cercle de Femme Stewart No. 4
Boy Scouts of Canada Lebrun Sutherland Dress Royal
Bracken Lennox Sydney
Brandon Les Cercles de Fermieres Tache, Sir Etienne-Paschal
Britberry Lethbridge Talladale
British Columbia Liama (Llama?) The Ship Hector
British Columbia Dress Lilac in Bloom Thousand Islands
Brockton Preparatory School Lions International Thousand Islands International Council
Brodie Black and White Lisbon Thunder Bay
Brodie Weathered Loch Garth Tilley, Sir Samuel
Brooks Brothers Loch Lomond Tobicraft Guild
Brown Heather Lomond (1983) Toronto Blue Jays
Brown Watch (single tramlines) Longmount Toronto Fire Services
Brown, Sir George Longueuil Trafalgar
Bruce County Lord Laird Trenton Dyeing and Finishing Company
Buchanan Lords of Skye Tricor
Buckleigh Dress Louisbourg Tupper, Sir Charles
Buffalo Plaid MacDonald Unidentified No. 1
Burnetts and Struth MacDonald of Prince Edward Island Unidentified No. 2
Burns Battalion MacDonald of Staffa Unidentified No. 3
Burns Fashion (Rustic) Macdonald, Sir John A Unidentified No. 4
Bush Pilot MacDougall, William Unidentified No. 5
Caledonian MacKenzie, Phantom University of Alberta
Caledonian Club of PEI MacMaster (Canada) University of Calgary
Caledonian Maple MacMillan Urbino
Calgary MacNab Valley of the Green No. 1
Calgary Fashion Manitoba Valley of the Green No. 2
Cameron of Erracht Manitoba Dress Vancouver
Campbell Hunting Maple Leaf Varenne
Canada Winter Games 1987 Maple Leaf Blue Veron
Canadian Autumn Maple Leaf Dress Versacold / Atlas
Canadian Caledonian Marino Victoria
Canadian Centennial Mariverain Victoria
Canadian Confederation Markson Victoria County
Canadian Estate Marshall Ville de Beauport
Canadian Fancy Matheson Ville de Saint Georges
Canadian Irish Regiment McCormick Vincent No. 1
Canadian Legion Branch 50 McCormick Festive Vincent No. 2
Canna McCormick Hunting Warwick
Canuck Place McCormick Personal Waterford
Cape Breton McGlynn Wcwm 1045
Caribou Melange Wcwm 1062
Carroll O'Reed Milne Wcwm 1105
Cartier, Sir George-Etienne Miramichi Wcwm 1106-2
Celtic Pride (Irish Pride) Mission Wcwm 1131
Chalet Moncton Wcwm 1155
Chelsea Monica Wcwm 1163
Chieftain Montgomery Purple Wcwm 1166-2
Chieftain Montmorency Wcwm 1243
Chisholm Montrose Wcwm 1255
Christianson Mountain's Jewel Wcwm 1286-9
Clergy Mowat, Sir Oliver Wcwm 1290
Clyde Muskoka Wcwm 1310
Colliers International Nance Wcwm 1399
Colville National Ballet School Wcwm 1438
Commonwealth Variation New Brunswick Wcwm 1445
Connor New Glasgow Wcwm 1475-2
Contrecoeur Newfoundland Wcwm 1527
Contrecoeur Dress Niagara Falls Wcwm 1528
Cooper Niagara Region Wcwm 1530
Corcoran of Sherbrooke Nickel Lodge Centennial Wcwm 1538
Cornwall North American Sheep Breeders Association Wcwm 1543
Coulin North Vancouver Island Wcwm 1571
Cunningham North West Territories Wcwm 1572-1
Cypress Northern College Wcwm 1586
Damson Northern Ontario Wcwm 1591
DDB Canada North-West Monted Police Wcwm 1651
De Nardi Nor'Westers Wcwm 1669-3
De Nardi Hunting Nova Scotia Wcwm 1684
Desert Nova Scotia (Eatons) Wcwm 1684-2
Desert in Bloom Nova Scotia Dress Wcwm 1712
Dewar No. 1 Nova Scotia International Tattoo Wcwm 1713
Dewar No. 2 Nova Scotia Miscellaneous Wcwm 1716
Diana Hunting, Lady Nunavut Wcwm 1717
Diana, Lady Nunavut Wcwm 1873-4
Diana, Plaid Dress Oban No. 2 Wcwm 1873-5
Dogwood (Aviemore) Okanagan Wcwm 2204
Doral Old Stewart Wcwm 4330-10800
Dorcas Olympic Wcwm 4907-1
Douglas Ontario Wcwm 759-2
Dunbarton (Quebec) Ontario Provincial Police Wcwm 849-2
Dunn Original Tartan Wcwm 9275-1258
Earle's Flame Oromocto Wcwm 9275-1333-1
Edinburgh, City of (Fashion) Ottawa Wcwm 9275-1394
Edmonton Pacific Wcwm 9275-1395
Eglington Page Wcwm 9275-1405
Eldridge Paisley Fancy Wcwm 9275-1410
Ellis Palmer, Edward Wcwm 9275-1415
Embrace Papi - Bouncing Blackie (Winter Lunting) Wcwm 9275-1422-1
Emerald Papi - Canadian Shield Wcwm 9275-1446
Englehart Papi - Lunting (Hunting Garroway) Wcwm 9275-1510-1
Ensign of Ontario Papi - Uitwaaien Wcwm 9275-1563
Entrelacs Paris Wcwm 9275-1572-1
Essex County Parma Wcwm 9275-1626
Evergreen Parr No. 1 Wcwm 9275-5471-1
Fallow Deer Peacock Wcwm 9285-4906-1
Federated Women's Institiutes of Ontario Peacock Wcwm 969-2
Florence Pictou County Wcwm 972-1
Fontainbleu Plaid du Quebec Wcwm Unnamed No. 1
Forbes Plaid Wine Wcwm Unnamed No. 10
Fountain of the Strong Porcupine Wcwm Unnamed No. 2
Fredericton Portrait Wcwm Unnamed No. 3
Fredericton Police Force Pride of Nova Scotia Wcwm Unnamed No. 4
Gabrielle Prince Albert Wcwm Unnamed No. 5
Gaelic College of St. Ann's Prince Edward Island Wcwm Unnamed No. 6
Gagetown School Prince Edward Island Dress Wcwm Unnamed No. 7
Galt, Sir Alexander Prince of Orange Wcwm Unnamed No. 8
Glen Burns Princess Mary Wcwm Unnamed No. 9
Glen Coe No. 2 Provincial Centennials Webster
Glen Erin Quadra White Cloud
Glen Esk Rainbow White Cloud
Glen Forest Red Deer Williams
Glen Ross No. 1 Red Hat Society No. 1 Williams Lake
Glen Ross No. 2 Red Hat Society No. 2 Willox
Glen Shee No. 2 Redwood Wilton (Toronto)
Glenburnie School Redwood Dress Worsoff
Glengarry Highland Games Reflections of the Sea Wylie
Golden Heather Renfrew No. 1 Youth on the Horizon
Golden Pheasant Renfrew No. 2 Yukon
Grand Lodge of Canada



Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Blue Canadian Caledonian
Maple Leaf Dress Caledonian Maple  

Provincial and Territorial

Province of British Columbia Province of Manitoba Dress Province of Prince Edward Island Dress
Province of British Columbia Dress Province of Ontario Province of Newfoundland and Labrador
Royal Columbian Ensign of Ontario Labrador
Province of Alberta Plaid du Quebec Yukon Territory
Province of Alberta Dress Province of New Brunswick North West Territories
Province of Saskatchewan Province of Nova Scotia Territory of Nunavut (1)
Province of Saskatchewan Dress Province of Nova Scotia Dress Territory of Nunavut (2)
Province of Manitoba Province of Prince Edward Island Arctic

British Columbia

District of Mission City of Vancouver City of Victoria (2)
North Vancouver Island City of Victoria (1) City of Williams Lake


Calgary City of Edmonton City of Red Deer
Calgary Fashion City of Lethbridge




City of Brandon


Atikokan Inverary Northern Ontario
City of Barrie Municipality of Kincardine Nor'Westers
Bruce County Lanark Highlands City of Ottawa
Englehart Muskoka Porcupine
County of Essex Niagara Falls City of Thunder Bay
City of Guelph Niagara Region County of Victoria
Haliburton Highlands Northern Ontario


Boucherville Lachine Historic St Lawrence No. 1
Boucherville Dress Laval St Lawrence No. 2
Contrecoeur Laval Gala Thousand Islands
Contrecoeur Dress Longueuil Ville de Beauport
Entrelacs Ste Anne de Portneuf Ville de Saint Georges
Lachine St Joseph de Sorel

New Brunswick

City of Fredericton City of Moncton Oromocto
City of Miramichi

Nova Scotia

Antigonish Inverness County New Glasgow
Cape Breton Lake Ainslie Pictou County
Caribou City of Louisbourg City of Sydney


Banff Centennial Sir Alexander Galt Sir Oliver Mowat
Canadian Centennial Sir John Hamilton Gray Edward Palmer
Canadian Confederation W A Henry Sir Etienne-Paschal Tache
Provincial Centennials John Mercer Johnson Sir Samuel Tilley
Sir George Brown Sir John A Macdonald Sir Charles Tupper
Sir George-Etienne Cartier William MacDougall The Ship Hector


Adamson Ellis Page
Allan Harmer Papi - Bouncing Blackie (Winter Lunting)
Kozmyk Hickley Papi - Canadian Shield
Annand Kervegant Papi - Lunting (Hunting Garroway)
Beaverbrook Kervegant Dress Papi - Uitwaaien
Benteau na Mara Killin Peacock
Blais Page Roddy 'Rowdy' Piper
Blaylock MacMaster (Canada) Russell of Rexdale
Christianson Markson Silver
Colville McCormick Smithers
Connor McCormick Festive Southwick
Corcoran of Sherbrooke McCormick Hunting Willox
De Nardi McCormick Personal Wilton (Toronto)
De Nardi Hunting McGlynn Worsoff
Dunn Milne Wylie


Boy Scouts of Canada Hudson's Bay Company - Bonnie Prince Charlie Red Hat Society No. 2
Brooks Brothers Investor's Group Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Burnetts and Struth Island Weavers Royal Ashburn Golf Club
Caledonian Club of Prince Edward Island Le Cercle de Femme Sens
Canada Winter Games 1987 Les Cercles de Fermieres Shanahan
Canadian Estate Lions International Snowbird
Canuck Place Red Hat Society No. 2 Sons of Scotland
Colliers International Nickel Lodge Centennial Thousand Islands International Council
DDB Canada Nova Scotia International Tattoo The Tobicraft Guild
Glengarry Highland Games Olympic Toronto Blue Jays
Grand Lodge of Canada Original Tartan Trenton Dyeing and Finishing Company
Highlands of Durham Highland Games Pride of Nova Scotia Tricor
Hudson's Bay Company Red Hat Society No. 1 Versacold / Atlas

Religious and Educational

Alma Mater Society of Queen's University Glenburnie School St. Andrew's Quebec City
Brockton Preparatory School Laurentian University St. Francis Xavier University
Federated Women's Institiutes of Ontario National Ballet School University of Alberta
Gaelic College of St. Ann's Northern College University of Calgary
Gagetown School

Military and Services

5th Royal Scots of Canada Canadian Legion Branch 50 Ontario Provincial Police
78th Fraser Highlanders Fredericton Police Force Royal Canadian Air Force
Atlantic Police Academy Greater Victoria Police Pipe Band Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Canadian Irish Regiment North-West Monted Police Toronto Fire Services


Abergaveny Glen Shee No. 2 Stewart No. 3
Agincourt The Golden Heather Stewart No. 4
Ancient Atlantic Golden Pheasant Sutherland Dress Royal
Anderson Blue Granvert Talladale
Anderson Green The Green Highland The White Cloud
Andover Grenauld Trafalgar
The Arbutus Stewart No. 3 Unidentified No. 1
Ardmore Hebrides Unidentified No. 2
Arran No. 1 Hebron Unidentified No. 3
Arran No. 2 Humming Bird Unidentified No. 4
Atlin Iona Unidentified No. 5
Baker The Island of Innis Urbino
Barbecue Plaid Kelvingrove Valley of the Green No. 1
Beaufort Kennedy Valley of the Green No. 2
Bennet Kerry Varenne
Bennet Dress Lagrande Veron
Berwick Lamont Dress Vincent No. 1
Bird of Paradise Lanoir Vincent No. 2
Black Forest The Lantern Warwick
Black Onyx Laporte Waterford
Black Watch No. 1 Laronde Wcwm 759-2
Black Watch No. 2 Lebrun Wcwm 849-2
The Blue Boy Lennox Wcwm 969-2
Blue Dunnett The Liama (Llama?) Wcwm 972-1
Blue Meadow Lilac in Bloom Wcwm 1045
The Blue Spruce Lisbon Wcwm 1062
Booth Loch Garth Wcwm 1105
Bracken Loch Lomond Wcwm 1106-2
Britberry Lomond (1983) Wcwm 1131
Brodie Black and White Longmount Wcwm 1155
Brodie Weathered Lord Laird Wcwm 1163
Brown Heather Lords of Skye Wcwm 1166-2
Brown Watch (single tramlines) MacDonald Wcwm 1243
Buchanan MacDonald of Staffa Wcwm 1255
Buckleigh Dress MacKenzie, Phantom Wcwm 1286-9
Buffalo Plaid MacMillan Wcwm 1290
Burns Battalion MacNab Wcwm 1310
Burns Fashion (Rustic) Marino Wcwm 1399
Bush Pilot Mariverain Wcwm 1438
Caledonian Marshall Wcwm 1445
Cameron of Erracht Matheson Wcwm 1475-2
Campbell Hunting Melange Wcwm 1527
Canadian Autumn Monica Wcwm 1528
Canadian Fancy Montgomery Purple Wcwm 1530
Canna Montmorency Wcwm 1538
Carroll O'Reed Montrose Wcwm 1543
Celtic Pride (Irish Pride) Mountain's Jewel Wcwm 1571
Chalet Nance Wcwm 1572-1
Chelsea Nova Scotia (Eatons) Wcwm 1586
Chieftain Nova Scotia Miscellaneous Wcwm 1591
The Chieftain Oban No. 2 Wcwm 1651
Chisholm Old Stewart Wcwm 1669-3
Clergy Pacific Wcwm 1684
Clyde Paisley Fancy Wcwm 1684-2
Commonwealth Variation Paris Wcwm 1712
Cooper Parma Wcwm 1713
Cornwall Parr No. 1 Wcwm 1716
Coulin The Peacock Wcwm 1717
Cunningham Plaid Wine Wcwm 1873-4
Cypress The Portrait Wcwm 1873-5
Damson Prince Albert Wcwm 2204
Desert Prince of Orange Wcwm 4330-10800
Desert in Bloom Princess Mary Wcwm 4907-1
Dewar No. 1 Quadra Wcwm 9275-1258
Dewar No. 2 Rainbow Wcwm 9275-1333-1
Lady Diana (Hunting) Redwood Wcwm 9275-1394
Lady Diana Redwood Dress Wcwm 9275-1395
Lady Diana, Plaid Dress Reflections of the Sea Wcwm 9275-1405
Dogwood (Aviemore) Renfrew No. 1 Wcwm 9275-1410
Doral Renfrew No. 2 Wcwm 9275-1415
Dorcas Roderick Dhu Wcwm 9275-1422-1
Douglas Rothesay Wcwm 9275-1446
Dunbarton (Quebec) Rowardennan Wcwm 9275-1510-1
Earle's Flame Royal Delight Wcwm 9275-1563
City of Edinburgh (Fashion) Savoy Wcwm 9275-1572-1
Eglington Seaside Wcwm 9275-1626
The Embrace Selkirk No. 1 Wcwm 9275-5471-1
The Emerald Selkirk No. 2 Wcwm 9285-4906-1
Evergreen Serenade Wcwm Unnamed No. 1
The Fallow Deer The Setting Sun Wcwm Unnamed No. 2
Florence Shieldhall Wcwm Unnamed No. 3
Fontainbleu Spencer Wcwm Unnamed No. 4
Forbes Spring Morning Wcwm Unnamed No. 5
Fountain of the Strong A Star is Born Wcwm Unnamed No. 6
Gabrielle Stevens No. 20 Wcwm Unnamed No. 7
Glen Burns Stevens No. 28 Wcwm Unnamed No. 8
Glen Coe No. 2 Stevens No. 80 Wcwm Unnamed No. 9
Glen Erin Stevens No. 87 Wcwm Unnamed No. 10
Glen Esk Stevens No. 96 Webster
Glen Forest Stewart Campbell The White Cloud
Glen Ross No. 1 Stewart No. 1 Williams
Glen Ross No. 2 Stewart No .2 Youth on the Horizon


10250Anstey in New Scotland
10166Black Raven
10312Blue Castlefield
stwr 3251Brousseau
10484Calgary Firefighters
10396Calgary HOG
10456Campbell Collegiate
10403Canadian Dental Association
10008Canmore Highland Games
10009Canmore Highland Games Dress
10629Cape Breton University Chemistry Society
10154Castlefield (Personal)
10392Cercle de Fermieres de Saint-Elie d'Orford
10090City of Dorval
10509City of Pointe-Claire
10494City of Sarnia
10310College of New Caledonia
stwr 3142Correctional Services of Canada
10527Delta Dental Association
30325Eastern Township
5820Fraser and Kirkbright
6943Fraser's Highlanders
10288Friends of Nordegg
10291Golden Glow
8036Guzzo Check
10560Guzzo Dress
stwr 2619Hall
10431Heriot Bay Local (Quadra Island)
10474Highlands of Haliburton Dress
stwr 2888Hyndman
10482International College of Dentists (Canada)
10574Iroquois Falls Centenary
10198Lake Superior Ice Water Mansion
10454Manitoba Cue Sports
10615Manitoba Masonic
10353Manor of Wrentnall
10093Maxem Eyewear
10011McCormick, Keith
10144New Star
10178Ogg of Tarragann
10179Ogg of Tarragann Hunting
7665Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
10483Ryan / Fehder
10132Saint John
10415Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Ceremonial
10414Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Traditional
10164Snowy Owl
10165Spice of Life
10108Stephen - Mathieson
10238Thormanby Island
stwr 2698Unidentified (Winnipeg)
stwr 3181Union Fire Club Pipes and Drums
10550Waters of Georgian Bay
10588Williams Arbutus
10582Zorra Caledonian Society