The tartan was designed by Patricia Jenkins of Loomcrofters at the request of the County Council, who may have been envious of the tartan of neighbouring Haliburton. The design was registered and patented on 7th May 1984.

The colours are representative of the county:

Blue for the lakes and rivers,
Green for the land and trees,
Grey for the limestone,
White for the winter snow,
Yellow and red for the turning of the leaves in fall.

The STA have recorded a similar tartan which is shown below.


** If you intend to weave or otherwise use any of these patterns, please be aware that you may need the written permission of the designer or producer. This information can be found in the Scottish Register of Tartans.

R/24 B12 Y12 W12 G24 N12 Y12 R12 N12 B24 N12 R12 Y12 G120 B16 W16 R14 W2 G2 W2 N/24 (CIDD: 026-08-52837)
R/6 A3 MY3 DW3 G6 DW3 MY3 R3 N6 A6 N3 R3 MY3 G32 A24 N3 R20 DW3 G3 DW3 N/36 (STA No. 4343)