The historical tartan has lighter shades and an asymmetrical composition. It is a portrait of Lachine, the artistic representation of a sunset over Lac Saint-Louis, and by the same token, a reflection of the history of Lachine in its colours and composition.

The combination of white and blue represents the waters of Lac Saint-Louis. Lachine’s location on the shores of the lake constituted a great asset for its development. The theme of water is also brings to mind the Lachine Rapids and the construction of the canal, an important historical event for our borough. Green stands for the numerous parks in the borough. The union of brown and black symbolizes fur and fur trading, which greatly contributed to the development of the City. Yellow represents harmony and the “union” aspect of the borough’s motto. Red, dynamic and passionate, represents progress

The first bloc is mainly woven out of white with yellow and red stripes. When repeated, this pattern is reminiscent of the border of our crest, while its colors represent our motto: “Union, Progress.” Brown and black form an ‘L’ in the second block to represent the first letter of Lachine. Nestled in the angle of the ‘L’, blue and green are laid out to evoke Lachine’s logo. Through its colour combinations, the piece represents the lake through the days and the seasons. The yellow and red paint a sunset over this woven lake, a grandiose present that nature gives to the citizens of Lachine on a daily basis.


** If you intend to weave or otherwise use any of these patterns, please be aware that you may need the written permission of the designer or producer. This information can be found in the Scottish Register of Tartans.

R4 Y4 W28 K40 LB52 LG52 W52 ... (STA No. 6203)