This tartan was designed in 1965 by Janet Couture of Watson Lake, and was accepted as the official provincial tartan in 1984 with the passing of the Yukon Tartan Act. The tartan was accepted by the King of Arms in October 1984. The CIPO registered design has slightly different warp and weft threadcounts.

The symbolism of the colours has been lyrically described:

‘The crystalline blue background represents Yukon’s sparkling, glacier-fed waters and its clear mountain skies. Magenta reflects the colours of the Yukon’s floral emblem, the firewood of late summer. Green is symbolic of Yukon’s great expanses of wilderness forest and purple symbolizes the majestic thrust of mountains into the northern sky. White represents the purity of the winter snow that crowns the peaks and blankets the alpine meadows. The yellow represents the long, soft evenings of the midnight sun and the broken yellow lines also represent the nuggets of Klondike Creek gold.’


** If you intend to weave or otherwise use any of these patterns, please be aware that you may need the written permission of the designer or producer. This information can be found in the Scottish Register of Tartans.

B/40 Y2 B4 Y2 B8 Y8 G8 W8 R8 P8 B/40 (Yukon Tartan Act / District Tartans - Lyon Court)
B26 DY2 B2 DY2 B8 P6 M6 W6 G6 Y6 ... x B8 DY2 B2 DY2 B26 P6 M6 W6 G6 Y6 ... (CIDD: 026-08-29132)
B40 Y2 B4 Y2 B8 Y8 G8 W8 R8 P8 B40 ... (Compendium - Lyon Court)
LB/80 Y2 LB4 Y2 LB8 Y8 G8 W8 M8 P/8 (STA No. 2129)
B32 Y2 B2 Y2 B10 Y8 G8 W8 R8 P8 ... (Scottish Tartans Society - District Tartans and Compendium)
B/40 Y2 B2 Y2 B8 Y8 G8 W8 R8 P8 LB/40 (Compendium - Tartans Vol 3)