This tartan was designed by Miss Patricia Jenkins, founder of The Loomcrofters of Gagetown, New Brunswick for the Lions Clubs International, a community service organisation dedicated to the idea that the men and women who live in a community are in the best position to know who needs help and why. Lion Clubs are part of the world’s largest such organisation, with more than 1.35 million members within 45,000 clubs, serving in 200 countries and geographical areas.

Purple and gold are the Lions’ colours, and azure and white, the colours of the United Nations, reflect the global nature of the organisation. The black and white signify the world’s needs and the Lions’ efforts to answer them. The design ‘portrays the Lions working throughout the world to bring light out of darkness whether that darkness be blindness, war, poverty, ignorance or some other world problem.’

The tartan was registered with CIPO on 28th May 1962. Two setts are specified in the registration; one at 30 ends and picks per inch and the other at 36 epi/ppi.


** If you intend to weave or otherwise use any of these patterns, please be aware that you may need the written permission of the designer or producer. This information can be found in the Scottish Register of Tartans.

P/50 A2 W2 K2 Y2 P6 W2 Y10 P8 K2 A4 P4 W2 A2 W2 P4 A4 P4 K4 W/10 (ITI No: 93, CIDD: 026-08-24770 @ 30epi/ppi)
P/60 A2 W2 K2 Y2 P8 W8 Y12 P10 K2 A5 P5 W2 A2 W2 P5 A5 P5 K5 W/12 (CIDD: 026-08-24770 @ 36epi/ppi)